The Boys Next Door – Blu-Ray Review

The Boys Next Door was Penelope Spheeris’ first film after Suburbia and, like all of her best work, it was a flop—but gained a cult following via VHS. It also features Charlie Sheen in his first notable role after Red Dawn. Much like Platoon, he is cosplaying another one of his father’s most notable roles, … Continue reading The Boys Next Door – Blu-Ray Review

Mr. Klein – Blu-Ray Review

Mr. Klein is one of Joseph Losey’s very best films, and was made at a point in his career where he had practically been written off. The film, however, started out as a Costa-Gavras project—and as good as Mr. Klein is (and it’s very good), he does seem to be the director more suited to … Continue reading Mr. Klein – Blu-Ray Review

Tough Guys Don’t Dance – Blu-Ray Review

From 1968 to 1970, author Norman Mailer dabbled in underground cinema, making three features, with Maidestone being the “most popular” of the trio. Mailer also ended up appearing in Jean-Luc Godard’s infamously incomprehensible film King Lear, which was produced by the notorious Cannon Films. The bombastic Mailer got on well enough with Yoram Globus and Menahim Golan of Cannon … Continue reading Tough Guys Don’t Dance – Blu-Ray Review