The Wraith – Blu-Ray Review

The Wraith is an absolutely ridiculous movie. It makes no sense, but it’s actually pretty entertaining. It also has one of the most “80s” soundtracks ever. The director, Mike Marvin, made Hamburger: The Motion Picture the same year, and is surprisingly still active. It’s also hard to believe Charlie Sheen made this the same year … Continue reading The Wraith – Blu-Ray Review

Sweet Thing – Blu-Ray Review

Sweet Thing is the first film from Alexandre Rockwell to have any real UK distribution since his segment in Four Rooms. His two previous features, Pete Smalls Is Dead and 13 Moons, never got UK releases, although on a deep dive searching for free streamers in the UK you can find the most recent of the two, Pete Small Is Dead, in on … Continue reading Sweet Thing – Blu-Ray Review

Prisoners Of The Ghostland- Blu-Ray Review

Prisoners Of The Ghostland was one of the most hotly anticipated movies at the Sundance Film Festival this year. It marks the English-language debut of maverick and extremely prolific Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono, director of Suicide Club  and Love Exposure. The film continues the long and strange career of Nicolas Cage, who is on record as claiming … Continue reading Prisoners Of The Ghostland- Blu-Ray Review