Universal Noir #1 – Blu-Ray Review

Indicator has now gone diving into the depths of the Universal archive for more tales of tough guys and hard dames after releasing five volumes from the Columbia archive. This compilation doesn't reach the dizzying heights of the Columbia sets, where there was always at least one absolute classic. While there sadly isn't one of … Continue reading Universal Noir #1 – Blu-Ray Review

Andrey Rose – Blu-Ray Review

Audrey Rose is a film by Robert Wise, one of the most diverse directors from the classic Hollywood era right up to the New Hollywood era. He helmed everything from West Side Story and The Haunting to The Day the Earth Stood Still and Odds Against Tomorrow. With Audrey Rose, he was near the end … Continue reading Andrey Rose – Blu-Ray Review

The Wolf of Wall Street – UHD Review

The Wolf of Wall Street is Martin Scorsese’s most successful movie to date. It’s a biographical black comedy about Jordan Belfort, who is an absolute piece of shit. A little bit of creative license has been employed, but almost everything seen on screen actually happened to the real Belfort. Belfort was originally a stockbroker for … Continue reading The Wolf of Wall Street – UHD Review