In the Line of Duty III – Blu-Ray Review

The In The Line of Duty series reinvented the Hong Kong action series by introducing the "girls with guns" subgenre. The first two films starred recent Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh, and are the films that made her a star in Hong Kong. The films aren't really connected to each other except for the connecting theme of female … Continue reading In the Line of Duty III – Blu-Ray Review

Fairyland – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Fairyland is the debut feature from director Andrew Durham, a long-term collaborator of Sofia Coppola, who is one of the producers on the film. Coppola optioned Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father by Alysia Abbott, the source book for the film, soon after its publication. No doubt she saw some similarities with her own upbringing around the same … Continue reading Fairyland – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Infinity Pool – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

David Cronenberg has fittingly created his own franchise through his bodily functions instead of making sequels to his own films: Infinity Pool is the latest film from his son Brandon Cronenberg, and it’s undeniable that he came out of David’s balls. Like father, like son… Brandon’s new film is a hallucinatory descent into hell. Alexander Skarsgård … Continue reading Infinity Pool – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Welcome to the Dollhouse – Blu-Ray Review

Back in 1989, Todd Solondz made a Woody-Allenesque comedy, Fear, Anxiety & Depression, for a studio—and promptly swore off filmmaking for the next few years. He was a ESL teacher to Russian immigrants in NY in-between that project and his second feature, Welcome to the Dollhouse, in 1995. He only gave filmmaking another shot because … Continue reading Welcome to the Dollhouse – Blu-Ray Review