Fairyland – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Fairyland is the debut feature from director Andrew Durham, a long-term collaborator of Sofia Coppola, who is one of the producers on the film. Coppola optioned Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father by Alysia Abbott, the source book for the film, soon after its publication. No doubt she saw some similarities with her own upbringing around the same … Continue reading Fairyland – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Infinity Pool – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

David Cronenberg has fittingly created his own franchise through his bodily functions instead of making sequels to his own films: Infinity Pool is the latest film from his son Brandon Cronenberg, and it’s undeniable that he came out of David’s balls. Like father, like son… Brandon’s new film is a hallucinatory descent into hell. Alexander Skarsgård … Continue reading Infinity Pool – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Welcome to the Dollhouse – Blu-Ray Review

Back in 1989, Todd Solondz made a Woody-Allenesque comedy, Fear, Anxiety & Depression, for a studio—and promptly swore off filmmaking for the next few years. He was a ESL teacher to Russian immigrants in NY in-between that project and his second feature, Welcome to the Dollhouse, in 1995. He only gave filmmaking another shot because … Continue reading Welcome to the Dollhouse – Blu-Ray Review