Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski interview for Big Eyes!

Many years ago I interviewed Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski right before Big Eyes opened in the UK. I sadly hadn't seen the film yet at the time of the interview but did opening day and loved it! I just posted the audio at the time on a site I no longer write for but … Continue reading Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski interview for Big Eyes!

Murphy’s War – Blu-Ray Review

Murphy's War is a film that Peter Yates directed in Britain after he had a huge success in the United States with Bullitt and, to a lesser extent, John and Mary. It was initially pitched as a vehicle for Frank Sinatra—there are conflicting reports, but Burt Kennedy may have been the director on board for that version. Regardless, it … Continue reading Murphy’s War – Blu-Ray Review

Enter the Void – Blu-Ray Reviw

Enter the Void is the definitive film of Gaspar Noé's career. It was a project he had been working on since the '80s after having watched the Robert-Montgomery-as-Philip-Marlowe film Lady in the Lake whilst tripping on magic mushrooms. What Enter The Void and Lady in the Lake have in common is that both are shot completely from a first-person perspective, except … Continue reading Enter the Void – Blu-Ray Reviw