Blu-Ray Review – The Corruption of Chris Miller

The Corruption of Chris Miller is a Spanish oddity from noted director Juan Antonio Bardem, who is best known for his Hitchcockian neo-realist opus, Death of a Cyclist. It's also one of the last films to star Jean Seberg and you can see on her face the toll that the FBI investigation and smear job … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The Corruption of Chris Miller


Blu-Ray Review – November

You want weird, may I present November. Fitting in with the works of Béla Tarr and Paweł Pawlikowski, as well as films like Hard to Be a God, November is yet another Eastern European black-and-white arthouse flick draped in despair and history. November has a fairy tale quality, in its tale of werewolves, satan, and … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – November

Blu-Ray Review – Au Hasard Balthazar

Au Hasard Balthazar comes at the tail end of Robert Bresson's black and white films (his last would be Mouchette), which are slightly unfairly more revered by some than his later colour films. Bresson's move to colour remains controversial: some couldn't believe this auteur could even make a film in colour!  Au Hasard Balthazar is one of his … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Au Hasard Balthazar

Blu-Ray Review – Robin Hood: Men In Tights

Of course it’s the Mel Brooks movie, and sadly it’s his penultimate feature as writer/director. It came out to capitalise on the success of 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. And unsurprisingly, it’s a parody of the source material, with the story pretty much the same. Except that its funny. It doesn’t reach the heights … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Robin Hood: Men In Tights