Quick Q&A with Ben Wheatley

Did you shoot it on film or digital?


Did you ever think of doing it on film? Because it does have quite a filmic look.

No, because film is—the skills to make, use film are gone. I’ve always made stuff on digital and I haven‘t got any emotional attachment to film.

Did you choose the Fall song at the end?


Are you a big Fall fan then?


What’s your favourite Fall album?

Of the top of my head, it is Nord-West Gas.

Oh yeah, the compilation thing. Are there any other Ballard or sci-fi books you’d like to do?

Not Ballard, I don’t know… I’ll be steering clear of adaptations.

Is there any truth to the rumour that you’re going to remake Wages of Fear?



Yeah. So that’s an actual contradiction and a lie, because I’m having to adapt the fucking book of it at the moment.

Are you looking more at the original, or Sorcerer?

The original film, and book.

Are you a fan of Sorcerer?


 What do you think High-Rise says in our current political climate?

Many things—but I’m not going to tell you what they are. I try not to literally say what films mean, because otherwise there’s no pojnt in making them.

And is your HBO show ever going to happen?

Don’t know—you’ll have to talk to HBO. 

I also talked to Ben Wheatley for The Quietus for a Bakers Dozen, Click Here

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