Preview for Scalarama Leeds

It’s September so it’s that time for Scalarama to screen a series of cult films around the city of Leeds. Everything from Kitchen Sink Drama to fantastical Czech cinema to plenty of music films. They are being screened at everywhere from Hyde Park Picture House, Left Bank, Wharf Chambers, Headingly Heart. Check out the full programme on their website here.

Some choice highlights 

Lindsay Anderson’s Kitchen Sink classic This Sporting Life starring Richard Harris is playing the Hyde Park Picture House and it’s free so really no excuse not to go.

The Gary Numan documentary Android in La La La Land is getting a screening on 13th at the Hyde Park Picture House and has a Q&A with the director. I once drove past Gary Numan in his car and it has a big picture of him on the side, he must feel the safest of all in his car.

John Waters’ most sweet film Pecker is being screening at The Reliance at 8pm on 16th.

If you’re not a John Waters fan but like Prince his legendary concert film Sign O’ of the Times is screening at Headingly Heart  at the same time

The wonderfully surreal Czech Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. This would be my choice out everything is showing because it’s so great and rarely screened. It’s also only a little over an hour so really no excuse. The film is also basically a big metaphor for a girl’s first period.

Julien Tempe’s Mod Musical Absolute Beginners is playing at Headingley Heart. I recently interviewed Temple about the re-release over at The Quietus

Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire is playing the Left Bank on 29th and is always a pleasure to watch so certainly not to miss. Certainly a nice addition to all the Nick Cave related films playing this moth including the new documentary One More Time with Feeling.

Finally “Surreal Women! Double Bill at the Leeds College of Art on the 30th at 6pm and Design which sounds intriguing to say the least. One of the films is a BBC documentary from 1992 on surrealist artist Leonora Carrington and the other remains a secret at the moment.

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