Psycho Cop Returns – Blu-Ray Review

Psycho Cop Returns is a real surprise: on paper, it sounds like a low-budget rip-off of Maniac Cop, which was a big hit in 1988. It is indeed a sequel to Psycho Cop, which was rushed onto video after the success of Maniac Cop. I've never seen the first Psycho Cop, but besides featuring Robert R. Shafer as the title character, this … Continue reading Psycho Cop Returns – Blu-Ray Review

The Mephisto Waltz – Blu-Ray Review

The film Mephisto Waltz comes from the same 1970s era as Rosemary’s Baby, which had been a big success. It’s one of several films from that time that deals with the occult and specifically Satanism. It stars a pre-M.A.S.H. Alan Alda as Miles, a music journalist who goes to interview Duncan Ely, supposedly the world’s … Continue reading The Mephisto Waltz – Blu-Ray Review

The Lady From Shanghai – Blu-Ray Review

Lady From Shanghai was Orson Welles’s fourth feature, and basically ended his Hollywood career (although of course he would do Touch of Evil seven years later). Following this production, he fled to Europe and lived there for most of his life. Lady From Shanghai is one of Welles best films, but also deeply flawed: a twisty … Continue reading The Lady From Shanghai – Blu-Ray Review

The Invisible Man Collection – Blu-Ray Review

The Invisible Man series within the Universal Horror catalogue seems to have been shafted recently. They are currently reissuing all the Universal films—except for The Invisible Man films—to tie in with the upcoming "reimagining" of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. There is a remake with Johnny Depp slated to come out at some point, so maybe they are waiting to release them then? Whatever … Continue reading The Invisible Man Collection – Blu-Ray Review