An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power – DVD Review

Al Gore is obviously a perfect example of a politician who became a much better person after he left office. He was actually a fairly conservative Democrat, which people often forget. He even acknowledges this with a joke in the film about being ‘a recovering politician.’

It’s more of a documentary than the other film, which was based on the PowerPoint presentation he had been delivering for awhile. You see Gore going to Greenland, Louisiana and Florida, amongst other places, to talk to people. There’s a lot about the Paris Climate Accords, and of course Trump overshadows the whole film because all of the good work done by Gore and other environmentalists has been dismissed by Trump. You do see some shots of his PowerPoint presentation, and every time he delivers it he adds topical material, such as material on the flooding on Louisiana.

It’s a pretty good documentary that is well made and has some urgency to it—it’s worth seeking out to watch. Gore basically says we’re screwed and many will die in the process, unless we do something about it. Luckily most of the things Trump has managed to do so far are reversible, so one can hope we can get back to changing things. Gore talks about how we should be using more solar power, although money interests would like us not to do it but there are now may Third World communities running on solar entirely.

Gore is an engaging enough presenter to watch, and capable of being a quite human speaker. There is also loads of footage showing the ice caps melting, the impact on indigenous people in Alaska, and the barriers put in the way by bureaucracy. His visit to the Paris Climate Accords is seen, but overshadowed somewhat by the big terrorist attack there at the same time. There’s also a funny random moment where he bumps into Justin Trudeau.

Until the very end he doesn’t address Trump deliberately, other than with a few jokes, but at that point the coda lets viewers know that Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords and gives suggestions for action.

They would be massive hypocrites to not do so, but Paramount has put the disc out in 100% recyclable packaging. The main bonuses are a companion behind-the-scenes feature about the issue, and another about the facts around climate change.


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