Iron Sky: The Coming Race – Blu-Ray Review

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is the long-awaited sequel to Iron Sky, which is everybody’s favourite Nazis on the moon film. It’s been seven years since the first film, and the world has changed drastically. The sequel is somewhat wide of the mark, but it’s not a total dud. However, Udo Kier does return, as does the film’s original director Timo Vuorensola and, most importantly, the Slovenian industrial outfit Laibach supplies some original music for the film (although the majority of the score is by Finnish composer Tuomas Kantelinen.)

Earth has blown up, and the remaining earthlings have been forced to shack up on the former Nazi moon base with the former Nazis. There is an insanely convoluted plot that involves everything from reptilian humanoids of some of the most odious people to ever live, Hollow Earth theories, the Vril conspiracy theory, a Steve Jobs-worshipping cult led by Tom Green—yes, that Tom Green—and of course, Nazis riding dinosaurs.

The film has been production for years, and given the election of a certain Cheeto it seems like the filmmakers have somewhat missed the boat with some of its satire. It was written at a time when Sarah Palin was considered the dumbest person in American political life, so she is depicted as the last American president… what a more innocent time 2012 was. They do try to tie it in somewhat to the current climate with a couple of jokes that were probably added in post-production, but it’s a missed opportunity in that regard.

Despite everything, who doesn’t want to see reptilian Hitler riding a T-Rex while shouting “Sieg Heil, Motherfuckers!”? That alone makes it genius, even if the film doesn’t totally work. Lara Rossi is perfectly fine as the main heroine, Obi, and Tom Green is shockingly good as the cult leader… maybe he can be the new Jim Carrey (or on second thought, maybe not.) Stick around for the end credits to hear Laibach’s first foray into cosmic cowboy music with “Surfing Through The Galaxy.”

The Blu-Ray contains no special features whatsoever.


Ian Schultz

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