The Sons of Denmark – Blu-Ray Review

As the name suggests, The Sons of Denmark is a Danish movie. It’s a dystopian tale set in 2025, with right-wing populism on the rise in Denmark. It starts with a bombing in Copenhagen that is blamed on Muslim terrorists. One year later, it looks like right-wing nationalist politician Martin Nordahl (Rasmus Bjerg) is going to take over the country and expel all immigrants from the country immediately after his election win (Nordahl seems to be based on Dutch politician Geert Wilders.)

While the story begins with a group of radical young people, it is mostly told through the eyes of Ali (Zaki Youssef), a police officer. Ali is something of a double-agent: he’s working for the police while looking into the white supremacist group Sons of Denmark, who may or may not be involved with Nordahl, but has contacts in the Islamist world as well.

Sons of Denmark is well-made, though a bit messy. There are some plot holes, but it’s an interesting thriller with a slight sci-fi tinge, covering something that feels ripped from the headlines. A bit more focus on one of the two main characters would have helped; it is also a bit heavy-headed at times and suffers from some pacing issues. Nevertheless, it is a solid movie with something to say. The standout performance is really from Bjerg, who tucks into a meaty role here as the baddie, but there are some very good performances from the rest of the cast too. Director Ulaa Salif is definitely one to look out for: it’s quite respectable for a first feature. It has a very satisfying climax as well, and is well-shot with some style.

The only special features is the trailer, a booklet with an essay on the film and an interview with Salif.


Ian Schultz

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