Cuck – Film Review

Amidst the threshold of a global pandemic, I find myself in isolation like so many others, occupying my time by working remotely, and nearly everyday since this thing begun, our so-called “President” had been serving up more deadly bigotry and ignorance. Despite this being a global horror, some still find reason to believe that we should keep the economy open. In several articles containing a story of ultra right-winged- nut jobs (to say the least) many have armed themselves with automatic weapons crying out of oppression…

Oppression of what??

You will not only see men armed with weapons you will see that they are racist, sexist. And they are all mainly white southerners practicing a long since obsolete religion of hate & white dominance driven towards an attempt of making their world an Aryan master race. Much like the Nazis or KKK.

Hence the world we currently find ourselves in, like a poorly written episode of the Twilight Zone come to life. Being divided more than ever. While thousands die. Thousands more continue to march to the beat of a false leadership that becomes less of a free world and more a would be poor man’s Third Reich; Total idiocy with a man-child lunatic at the helm holding us all hostage until he gets what he wants. Nothing more than a privileged white man attempting to be a fascist disguised as a world leader of peace & unity. A man who believes he’s God and comes from privilege.

It is this man who encourages others who are weak-minded enough- easily manipulated into “drinking the kool-aid” charging to the gates of their own demise out in the open while the rest of the world watches in bewilderment.
It is this man who inspired this kind of action- the abundance of violence. Specifically gun violence. Weapons at the hands of white men claiming to be oppressed by the liberal party who only want nothing more than to live in peace as well as consisting equality.

This kind of attitude, as well as these men & their actions of violence as well as assaults on women and people of color, that becomes the backbone of this film.

Cuck overall is a subterranean-ultra violent- Neo-noir thriller that exploits the attitudes & actions of men who allow themselves to lose control over their anger; their frustrations. Going as far to even become sexually repressed due to their hate- corruption of their mere shape of existence. The kind of men who walk into a high-school in broad daylight and open fire to get “even” because they are “victims”.

The kind of men who sexually assault women because they “earned the right”; Men who feel they can do anything they want because dangerous leaders like Donald Trump manipulate them into believing they can. Without remorse. Without feeling.

Written & Directed by up & coming director Rob Lambert, Cuck is a picture that becomes less of a film & more of a documentary as it steadily burns its way through its engaging character study- following the life of a lonely yet dangerous individual who lives at home with his mother in poverty somewhere in the city of Los Angeles. He is mentally ill-driven by racism-sexual repression and acts of gun violence that ultimately echoes from the course of real life action that has grown rapidly.
A film that pulls all the punches without holding back accordingly, since its initial release has come under fire with controversy. Cuck has grown to become an often misunderstood film. The actions it exploits does not glorify them. it denounces them effectively. The actions of rape, violence, racism are all presented & witnessed yet you can’t help but admit that its real, this is very much a real occurrence that happens everyday that has become a pandemic of its own that has still has gone without a sense of urgent reaction to find permanent solutions on all fronts.

Zachery Sherman plays the films lead role that is nothing short of great effectiveness, A man who is destined to become nothing more than a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, rejected from military service, he blames all his personal/emotionally distraught struggles on others, mainly people of color & women who reject his sexual advances. Finding comfort only in radical ultra right-winged politics that encourage hate through a series of online media channels, this individual takes it upon himself to act thinking he will become some sort of sadistic American hero.

Just like in many ways these armed & angry white protestors believe they are heroes in saving the economy during a global pandemic when they are in fact quite the opposite.

Rob Lambert is a director of skill with vast knowledge utilizing everything he knows to make this powerfully constructed indie-thriller that beautifully captures the provocative essence of the film’s power, taking past real life occurrences and mixing them together to create a small-yet monumental picture that cries out to be witnessed. Many will compare this to the film Joker which also came out last year with similar themes/foundation, Yet I believe that unlike Joker. Cuck is a film that isn’t misguided, that doesn’t attempt to take on anything more than it needs to. It doesn’t drag in its pacing. The performances are spot on, the writing is taken right out of the pages of real life and played out delicately.

Cuck is a film that intricately balances itself out with strong messages of anti-violence as well as a film that cries out for more affordable/obtainable mental health services. A film that speaks out against hate & aims right for the deeply-rooted core of our divided state of sociopolitical way of life. Captured by a steadily focused hand of raw cinematography as well as sharp direction & execution. A film of intelligence made without holding anything back that becomes a wake up call to the Foundations of American violence. Stepping up with action against the atrocities of the alt-right regime.


Brian Wallinger



One thought on “Cuck – Film Review

  1. This “review” has more to do with your own personal bias, ignorance and (ironically) bigoted worldview than the film itself.


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