Blu-Ray Review – Phase IV

Phase IV is the one and only feature film directed by Saul Bass, the man who basically invented the opening credits. It came out in 1974, and was not a successful movie because it’s a strange film that the studio struggled to market. It’s basically an art movie, but was sold as a ‘giant ant’ … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Phase IV

Blu-Ray Review – The Night Clerk

The Night Clerk is the latest in the burgeoning genre of the autism thriller! The Accountant came out the other year and was a huge hit on vod, I personally found it pretty unwatchable and I like much of the cast and it's director Gavin O'Connor. I had a cringe but couldn't take my eyes off … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The Night Clerk

Blu-Ray Review – The French Lieutenant’s Woman

The French Lieutenant's Woman is one of the dullest films I've ever seen, and that's saying something. Karel Reisz directs--Reisz was a decent director in the '70s, with The Gambler and Who'll Stop the Rain, but is probably best remembered in the UK for the '60s British kitchen-sink drama Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. This film is based on the novel … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Blu-Ray Review – Hammer Volume Five: Death & Deceit

The latest Hammer box set from Indicator should come with a warning: if your favourite Hammer movies are the horror/science fiction ones, this isn’t for you. This serves up a taste of the swashbuckling adventure movies they did. All four fit the mould of films rooted in England’s last gasp as a colonial power, with … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Hammer Volume Five: Death & Deceit