The Night Clerk – Blu-Ray Review

The Night Clerk is the latest in the burgeoning genre of the autism thriller! The Accountant came out the other year and was a huge hit on vod, I personally found it pretty unwatchable and I like much of the cast and it’s director Gavin O’Connor. I had a cringe but couldn’t take my eyes off the John Travolta vehicle The Fanatic last year which had a awful but amazingly committed performance from the Celebrity Scientology second in command.

Tye Sheriden plays Bart Bromley who is this incredibly smart young man on the autism spectrum and works at the night clerk at a hotel. He as often with people on the spectrum has problems with his social interaction skills. Bart decides to install some surveillance cameras so he can look at people and study them. One night a woman is murdered in the hotel and he becomes the prime suspect. He also makes a connection with this beautiful young woman Andrea play by Ana de Armas.

It’s frankly baffling how this film got Sheriden, Ana De Armas and John Leguizamo as the main police detective to sign on but then again it was shot two years ago before it got released. Sheriden gives a committed performance but it’s far more of a caricature of somebody on the spectrum than any type of real portrayal, just twitching and awkward for 90 minutes straight. Ana de Armas is quite sweet in a few scenes with Sheriden but not much else the just being “eye candy” for the viewer, she even goes topless. Thankfully her agent has gotten her better roles in Knives Out and even scored the much sought role of Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s upcoming film Blonde. Helen Hunt plays Bart’s annoying over protective mother and why was Helen Hunt ever a thing? She was always a crap actress.

It’s a passable time waster with some decent actors but they are seriously slumming it. There is probably a interesting film that could be made of that plot maybe if the film was written by somebody on the spectrum. The disc includes no extras of any kind.


Ian Schultz

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