A Tale of Two Sisters – Blu-Ray Review

A Tale of Two Sisters was one of the first South Korean movies to make a dent in the US during the initial influx of Korean cinema, which was spearheaded by Park Chan-wook. This film’s director, Kim Jee-woon, had a major release with this film around the same time as Park’s Oldboy. Korean cinema has … Continue reading A Tale of Two Sisters – Blu-Ray Review

A Man Called Adam – Blu-Ray Review

A Man Called Adam is a film of historical significance for a number of reasons—including that it’s the first film directed by Leo Penn, the father of Sean and Chris Penn. Leo was blacklisted as an actor during the HUAC era due to his strong support of trade unions and refusal to name names. He … Continue reading A Man Called Adam – Blu-Ray Review

Dinner in America – Blu-Ray Review

Dinner in America is the new film from director Adam Rehmeier, whose previous feature, The Bunny Game, had the rare honour (or perhaps dishonour) of being flat-out BANNED by the BBFC. They claimed that issuing the film a certificate “would be inconsistent with the Guidelines, would risk potential harm within the terms of the Video Recordings Act, and … Continue reading Dinner in America – Blu-Ray Review