Antebellum – Blu-Ray Review

Antebellum is a truly embarrassing debut film from writer/director duo Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. It proudly proclaims that it's from the producers of Get Out, and indeed Sean McKittrick is one of the two producers from that film who produced this piece of trash. I have a huge amount of good will towards McKittrick, because he … Continue reading Antebellum – Blu-Ray Review

Blow Out – Blu-Ray Review

Released just over 40 years ago, Blow Out is perhaps Brian De Palma's masterpiece, a film made withincredible skill and rooted deep in the games of cinema. It is a film constructed from its influencesand streamlined into an intelligent, gripping story that plays with the anxieties of its era. Fewthrillers manage to be so tense, … Continue reading Blow Out – Blu-Ray Review