Blu-Ray Review – The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker is a painfully uninteresting biopic on the early years of Helen Keller (played here by Patty Duke), whose life was far more interesting than what is depicted here. It's mainly told through the eyes of the young, partially blind Anne Sullivan (Anne Bancroft), who was a last-ditch tutor for Helen, who was deaf … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The Miracle Worker

Blu-Ray Review – Resurrected

Resurrected is the debut film from Paul Greengrass, who would go on to great acclaim with his entries in the Bourne franchise and films like United 93 and Captain Phillips. Greengrass would end up struggling in the '90s, however, mainly retreating back into television work. It wasn't till the turn of the millennium, with Sunday Bloody Sunday and The Murder of Stephen … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Resurrected

Blu-Ray Review – Sign o’ the Times

Sign O' the Times was the second film Prince directed after the cult oddity Under the Cherry Moon, which was a disastrous flop. The soundtrack album, Parade, was a massive hit no doubt due to the single “Kiss.” Instead of making another narrative film, Prince decided it was about time to make a concert film. Originally Purple Rain director Albert Magnoli … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Sign o’ the Times