Remember The Night – Blu-Ray Review

Directed by Michael Leisen, Remember the Night brings together Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray in an offbeat love story written by Preston Sturges. This was Sturges’ last film as a screenwriter only—afterwards he was one of Hollywood’s first writer/directors, and the first who started out as a screenwriter. It’s a screwball comedy, the genre that … Continue reading Remember The Night – Blu-Ray Review

The Forgiven (2022) – Blu-Ray Review

The Forgiven is the new film by John Michael McDonagh, and is based on a novel by Lawrence Osborne. It’s one of those “eat the rich” movies which is very in vogue at the moment. The story centres on a married but mismatched couple, David and Jo, played by Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain, a … Continue reading The Forgiven (2022) – Blu-Ray Review