Blu-Ray Review – Suspiria (2018)

Luca Guadagnino made audiences swoon with his '80s-set gay romance Call Me by Your Name, but raised some eyebrows when it was announced that his next project was a remake (but it's not really a remake!) of Dario Argento's 1977 classic, Suspiria. Guadagnino claims to have had an extreme emotional response to seeing the film as a teenager, but … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Suspiria (2018)


DVD Review – Never Grow Old

Never Grow Old is a fairly low-budget Western that came out earlier this year in the States, and was directed by Ivan Kavanaugh. It played in France and allegedly at 10 theatres in the UK, though as far as I can tell it never got a proper US release outside of home video. And it’s … Continue reading DVD Review – Never Grow Old

Blu-Ray Review – Comes a Horseman

Comes a Horseman is an Alan J. Pakula film, one that marks his increasingly downward spiral after Pakula’s extraordinary trilogy of paranoia, comprising Klute, The Parallax View and All The President's Men. He would go on to make some other films of note, including Sophie's Choice and the comedy Starting Over, along with various thrillers in the '90s, which were John Grisham adaptations … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Comes a Horseman