Round Midnight – Blu-Ray Review

Round Midnight is one of Bertrand Tavernier’s best-known and most successful films—it did surprisingly well in the US, and Herbie Hancock's score actually took home the Oscar for best score. It came after Tavernier gained a little bit of attention in the states due to Coup de Torchon and A Sunday in the Country, so he was able to get … Continue reading Round Midnight – Blu-Ray Review

Uncharted – UHD Review

Uncharted is based on the very popular action-adventure videogame series of the same name, which is somewhat inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise. I know the film is not very accurately matched to the game, and some of the game’s fans have criticised it for that reason. The film was in development hell for over … Continue reading Uncharted – UHD Review

Johnny Mnemonic – Blu-Ray Review

Johnny Mnemonic is the first of only two feature film adaptations of the work of self-proclaimed cyberpunk writer William Gibson. His most famous novel, Neuromancer, has been in development hell ever since it was published, but elements of it have been used in numerous sci-fi films—most notably The Matrix. Gibson wrote the script for Johnny Mnemonic, but constant studio interference meant … Continue reading Johnny Mnemonic – Blu-Ray Review