Blu-Ray Review – The Hunt

The Hunt (Jagten) is an important film, one that everyone in the world should see. It shows how mob mentality can rule when someone has been falsely accused. It’s a Thomas Vinterburg film: one of Denmark’s best directors, Vinterburg, along with Lars von Trier, started the interesting, if pretentious, Dogme 95 movement. The films that [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Free Fire

Hard-working director Ben Wheatley also made High-Rise (the best film of 2015) but came out to the general public in 2016, but Free Fire which similarly I first saw in 2016 but didn't come out to the public till 2017, is a radically different film. The first act of the film is about a 1978 [...]

Blu-Ray Review – J’Accuse

J’Accuse (1938) is a different version of the original  1919 silent film by the same director, Abel Gance. Because of the time period, the film takes on the then-current events of World War II. It is a very anti-war film, and quite heavy-handed for modern viewers – although that makes sense given the time. Jean [...]

DVD Review – Wakefield

Wakefield is one of the stranger post-Breaking Bad films of Bryan Cranston. It’s about a guy who hides out in his own garage and ends up staying there while his family lives in the house—without knowing he is there. Wakefield (Cranston), a New York lawyer, was having a mid-life crisis. He slips back into his [...]