Blu-Ray Review – Penitentiary

Penitentiary is a blaxploitation film directed by Jamaa Fanaka, who was part of the “L.A. Rebellion” movement of young African-American filmmakers in the '70s, mostly from UCLA. The most notable member of the group was Charles Burnett. For the most part they rejected classical Hollywood filmmaking, opting for an experimental neo-realist approach. However, Fanaka was an … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Penitentiary


Blu-ray Review – Hausu

Hausu is a 1977 film made by Nobuhiko Ôbayashi, who had previously done commercials and experimental short films. Just previous to making this film, he had been busy with making a series of commercials for Japanese television featuring major American stars like Kurt Douglas and Charles Bronson. Toho, the biggest film company in Japan, wanted … Continue reading Blu-ray Review – Hausu