Blu-Ray Review – Two-Minute Warning

Two-Minute Warning is one of the numerous disaster films to come out in the ‘70s. They often starred Charlton Heston, and this one is no exception. It may be a disaster film at first glance, but it’s much more of a cop thriller mixed with a dash the aforementioned genre. It deals with a sniper at [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Truck Turner

It’s the early ‘70s, and Isaac Hayes hasn’t been suckered into becoming a Scientologist yet (that happened in 1993). He is making badass funk music, like his Oscar-winning score for Shaft. He soon was lined up to play the title character in Truck Turner, but he had a hurdle to get over before he could take on the [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Aftermath

Aftermath is a really odd film, something that was very much made for the “cheap DVDs” shelf at the supermarket. It has the massive movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger slumming it in a what is basically an indie drama. The fact that Arnie is in it means that some people will pick it up on his name [...]

Blu-Ray – Malibu High

Malibu High is a strange high school movie from 1979. The protagonist has been dumped by her boyfriend and her grades are slipping. To fix her marks, she starts having sex with some of her teachers. Gradually she falls into the world of prostitution and drugs…so far, so plausible… and becomes a hired killer. The [...]


Fabulous Films is releasing Sea of Love on Blu-Ray. Here at Psychotronic Cinema we have 2 copies up for grabs. All Entries must be turned it by the 26th of June. Email your answer to the following to with your name and address. In what film does Al Pacino rob a bank to pay for his lover's sex-change [...]