Whatever It Takes – Blu-Ray Review

Whatever It Takes is a classic example of a straight-to-video movie from the late 1990s. It’s most notable for a cast of people who at the time who were still fairly well known. The line-up includes Don “The Dragon” Wilson, star of the Bloodfist movies that were big hits on the home video market at … Continue reading Whatever It Takes – Blu-Ray Review

Terminal Island – Blu-Ray

Terminal Island—or as it’s known in the UK, Knuckle Men (which is a terrible title)—was directed by Stephanie Rothman. Some may know her as one of the female directors who were hired by Roger Corman in the 1960s and ‘70s. She did several films with Corman, including the comedy The Student Nurses (the first part … Continue reading Terminal Island – Blu-Ray

Tigers Are Not Afraid – Blu-Ray Review

Tigers Are Not Afraid is not Mexican director Issa López’s debut film, but for most people outside Mexico, it might as well have been. For the 17 years before Tigers Are Not Afraid's worldwide premiere at Fantastic Fest, López wrote a string of forgettable Mexican comedies and TV shows, directing a few features as well. However, almost … Continue reading Tigers Are Not Afraid – Blu-Ray Review