Blu-Ray Review – Hammer Vol 3 – Blood And Terror

Blood and Terror is the latest boxset of obscure Hammer films to be released by Powerhouse, and as always with these films, it's a mixed bag. The set consists of basically two double bills, if you like: two anti-war films and two horror-tinged historical films set in Asia. The films are The Camp on Blood Island, Yesterday's … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Hammer Vol 3 – Blood And Terror


Blu-Ray Review – Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising pretty much single-handedly sums up everything that is wrong with bad blockbuster filmmaking. 2018 has seen some of the best blockbusters in recent memory, from the work over at Marvel Studios to even the underrated Solo or the most recent (albeit overrated) entry in the Mission Impossible series. However, the latest, and … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Pacific Rim: Uprising

Blu-Ray Review – Berlin Alexanderplatz

The title of Berlin Alexanderplatz alone has an almost mythical quality for cineasts due to its length, which is around 15 hours, and the fact that it was the project that director Rainer Werner Fassbinder was desperate to do for his entire, insanely productive, but short career. Fassbinder reportedly read the source novel by Alfred Döblin … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Berlin Alexanderplatz