Blu-Ray Review – Sky Riders

Sky Riders is a mid-'70s thriller directed by Douglas Hickox, who is primarily remembered for Theater of Blood. That film featured Vincent Price in one of his better roles during his British phase, but Hickox also directed Brannigan, one of the two cop films John Wayne starred in after the success of Dirty Harry (a [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Stagecoach

Joe Dante once said in an interview about the current remake trend that "they remake pictures that people just didn't want to see remade." This is actually an age-old phenomenon, and I'm sure the film historian that Joe Dante is would agree—but back in the olden days they tended to remake a film if the original wasn't that [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Tarantula

Tarantula is a 1955 Jack Arnold movie—Arnold was the key 50s monster movie director/producer, and actually made some really great movies, such as his uncredited role as co-director of the fantastic science fiction film This Island Earth. This Island Earth was one of the few of those films to be paced and structured like a [...]