Candyman (1992) – UHD Review

1992's Candyman is undeniably British auteur Bernard Rose's most well-known film, but it’s also most likely his best—although Paperhouse and the early DV feature ivansxtc are certainly worth seeking out. It's also the best film of the Candyman franchise, despite 2021's soft reboot/sequel's honorable attempt to bring the franchise back to its socio-political roots with a script by Jordan Peele. The themes of … Continue reading Candyman (1992) – UHD Review

I Am a Camera – Blu-Ray Review

I Am a Camera is more interesting for its historical value than as great cinema. It's the first cinematic adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's The Berlin Stories, which was also the basis for the stage musical and later 1972 film Cabaret, directed by Bob Fosse. The musical Cabaret is based on the play I Am a Camera, the title of which comes from the … Continue reading I Am a Camera – Blu-Ray Review